You are part of Ezra, a once great nation that has been reduced to rubble by the neighboring kingdom of Tennyss. At an early age, you witnessed the mass exodus from the great capitol city of Solrise as the king prepared all available soldiers to hold off the enemy hordes. It was decided by the king’s court that sending refuge caravans to remote locations in the Ezrian Empire would save the most lives; unfortunately most didn’t make it. As the part of the sole surviving caravan, your family made it across the wintry peaks of the Vod Mountains, and onto a peninsula, completely outside the realm of your erstwhile nation and far enough away that the Tennyssans, whose pyrrhic victory destroyed most of their armies, would be hard pressed to finish you off.

Unfortunately, upon arriving to Hem, your small town of destination, your caravan was beset by pirates. Though your protectors managed to send the pirates packing, it took quite some time to rebuild from the pirate raids, and the multi-racial slaves set free from various pirate vessels have had serious issues fitting in with the rest of the town.

Once settled, news quickly came of the demise of the belligerent nation of Tennyss; the enemy that so cruelly slaughtered your countrymen imploded when its malevolent king died in the final push to eradicate your own nation. Now Tennyss is nothing more than squabbling provinces all vying for the throne. Nothing to worry about where you are, but if your kingdom pushes into the continent, they might come together against a common enemy.

The leader of the once great nation of Ezra, Cervantes, decided that instead of trying to rebuild the nation from its old seat, the new town of Hem would not be abandoned. Over the past three years since your exile to this area, word of the town’s survival has spread, and the other surviving citizens of Ezra have all attempted treks to your town. You have heard stories from the survivors of a road of frozen wagons, and signs of death throughout the mountains, but still, there are more people in Hem each month.

Now you are ready to enter into your life as a full citizen, having just passed your final practical to become a Protector of Hem—the city’s first class of new soldiers—and are ready to fight for your country’s renewal in this unknown world.

On His Chancellor's Secret Service

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