On His Chancellor's Secret Service

The Party's First Mission
Follow that digger!

In our heroes’ first mission for the city of Content Not Found: Hem, they were tasked with recovering the brand new digger developed by the king’s engineering advisor, Pynchon.

As the group left the city, they were given a pretty clear track to follow, the digger’s treads tended to cut into the countryside like it was wet clay. Moving along, the group fought it’s first real encounter, fighting a group of goblin ambushers right off the road.

After that milestone battle, the party headed off road, continuing along the tracks of the behemoth digger until they came to notice some smoke in the distance. Figuring that they would check out the smoke and let the digger be used for nefarious purposes for a little bit longer, the party came across a homestead in ruins.

It was hear that the party had their first true victory for the city of Hem, as their assistance convinced the locals that the city would be able to help them in times of need. The party came away with a pack of wool that is just the beginning of what would seem to be a prosperous trade agreement between the locals and Hem. This provides the party access to +1 cloth armor and +1 cloaks of resistance in future adventures.

Continuing on their mission, the group found itself fighting [[:sky pirates|sky pirates]], and entering the dig site which seemed to be the digger’s destination, and fighting through throngs of goblins to retrieve their digger.

At the end of the cave, the party found a vast underground lake with a dock and many crates on it, close to the dock, they found the digger waiting to be used. Upon opening one of these crates, they found some uncommonly light steel that they decided to take back with them.

On the return journey, the group ran into some more sky pirates, but the battle was rather anticlimactic as the Artificer was just too skilled at maneuvering the digger, and wouldn’t let the pirates get too close.

The party drove back into town flushed with their first victory.


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