• Elijah MacAlastair

    Elijah MacAlastair

    A slight, unassuming man who alternates between intense curiosity and distracted contemplation, Elijah pursues knowledge without heed to common sense, decency, or (in some cases) personal safety. Although he does wear welding goggles to protect his eyes.
  • Logen Ninefingers

    Logen Ninefingers

    Logen is a battle scarred and gruff average sized human. He has a deep gash that runs across the right side of his face and across his right eye keeping it shut nearly all of the time. Logen is missing the middle finger on his right hand.
  • Nim


    Nim likes shiny mechanical things and trinkets he can secret away.
  • Twelve


    A tall lean figure, humanoid in silhouette, armed with a curved blade and a large shield. Any actual investigation of appearance shows him to be a walking mechanical being knowed colloquially as Warforged.
  • Cervantes


    Chancellor of Hem, formerly known as the Chancellor of Ezra
  • Pynchon


    The Chancellor's Engineering Advisor