Chancellor of Hem, formerly known as the Chancellor of Ezra


Cervantes is the leader of a once great nation. Though he has been driven into an unpleasant situation by circumstances from the great war, he has remained a steadfast leader in troubled times.

Any true strategist would call Cervantes an awful leader, it was his open door policies of travel and information that led his country to be defeated by Tenyss. He allowed the enemy to study at his universities, drink at his pubs, and barter for his food until his country fell. But still Cervantes has an idealistic air about him, believing in the freedom of choice and the power of the mortal spirit to make moral decisions.

The only reason he is still alive was that his policies worked so well in bringing together the brightest minds in the land and keeping them to be his loyal administrators and confidants. Through sheer pluck they managed to hang on by the seat of their pants, conduct a wild scheme to deposit the remaining free thinkers of Ezra throughout the land, and stick together to attempt a resurrection of their once great nation.


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