A tall lean figure, humanoid in silhouette, armed with a curved blade and a large shield. Any actual investigation of appearance shows him to be a walking mechanical being knowed colloquially as Warforged.




Nature: Bold; Twelve has only a rudimentary ability to comprehend his own limited skills when it comes to combat. He is quick to join the battle and always willing to insert himself into the thick of a conflict.

Hobbies: People; Twelve enjoys interacting with people, and not just in combative circumstances. He finds flesh-and-blood humanoids to be fascinating and is often found at the local bars enjoying the atmosphere and observing his subjects. His other interests revolve around training and improving his predictive battle algorithms.

Important Items: Khopesh; Twelve created his own sword design after several years of theoretical study and practical investigation. It is the culmination of efforts to find a balance between power and speed. It represents Twelve’s journeyman’s work in the guild of warriors. Now, of course, he’s not so impractical as to keep it over some powerful magical longsword or the like, but even then he’d keep the khopesh for ‘practical’ (read: sentimental though he’d never use such a word) reasons such as “what if the longsword breaks” or “what if the longsword is stolen” or “what if the longsword is stuck hilt deep in the hide of a great dragon I have just slain and yet I still have a second dragon to kill” or any other practical considerations.


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